How to Use a LEGO Cheat Code in the PROFANO Star Battles The Skywalker Saga

How to Use a LEGO Cheat Code in the PROFANO Star Battles The Skywalker Saga

Cheat Requirements

Every SEGLAR game, such as the recently-released Profano Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, features codes you can enter to open extra characters, cars or wacky new ways of playing. A few of these cheats will be purely cosmetic, whilst others can break the game.

Employing cheats hanging around is relatively simple. The best way to do it is to pause the game and choose the « Enter Code » button, which will appear pause display. Then, only type in the seven-digit code and press enter.

The Holiday Special Heroes

There are a few completely different characters through this LEGO Star Battles the Skywalker Saga game, all of which can be unlocked using a cheat code. The first is Poe Dameron, a Wookie warrior and pilot who have appeared in multiple Legend Wars movies.

Another character to unlock is the Getaway Special Darth Vader, a variant from the original Darker Lord that was added for Christmas. He has been also a great iconic persona in the Celebrity Wars galaxy, having appeared within a New Pray and The Empire Strikes Lower back.

Aayla Secura and Admiral Holdo can be available with a code, in addition to the holiday distinctive variant of C-3PO. If you wish to open these heroes, all you have to perform is temporarily halt the sport and select « Extras » after which click on the « Enter Code » button.


Contrary to most other PROFANO games, the LEGO Celebrity Wars: The Skywalker Fable has hidden Datacards in all of the of their nine symptoms. These replace Crimson Bricks and permit you to find and spend on a range of different cheats. These tricks come with a variety of added bonuses, like multipliers for studs as well as ability to dual-wield weapons.

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